The Most Common Types of Mobile Apps

If you’re thinking about building an app it can be helpful to understand the current app ecosystem and the most common types of mobile apps available. Looking over this list might help you understand where your app idea fits in.

The following is a compilation of the most common types of mobile apps. As you read this list, think about which category your business or idea fits into, as well as how your app could cross-over and implement aspects of one or more categories.

Art &  Design

Auto & Vehicles


Books & Reference



Dating / Connections





Food & Drink


Health & Fitness

House & Home


Maps & Navigation


Music & Audio

News & Magazines









Travel & Local

Video Players & Editors



How To Increase Your App’s Success Rate

Apps that are developed in a haphazard manner are not likely to succeed. When developing an app you should focus on the following:

  • Analyzing your target market to determine if a need exists.
  • Getting feedback on your idea from potential users through surveys and interviews.
  • Determining what the must-have functions of your app are, that make it unique & desirable.
  • Determining which functions are important but secondary and could be delayed a bit
  • Determining which functions are not super important but only nice to have or “cool”
  • Determining the goal for your app and business
  • Figuring out how to promote or market your app
  • Figuring out how to monetize your app, idea or business
  • Figuring out how you can organize the development project to ensure success
  • Figuring out how how you can avoid costly development mistakes
  • Defining what the minimum viable product (MVP) is for your app, before going full bore.
  • Making sure your app is useful and user-friendly.
  • Making your app easy to install.
  • Providing excellent post launch support to customers.
  • Improving your app by creating updates and fixes from user feedback.

A final strategy to consider is that most successful apps have a crossover effect where they implement aspects from one or more of the above categories. For example, an app might have a social media aspect, a utility function (for example, using GPS) and a strong real-time messaging function.

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