What is IPTV


Even if you’ve never heard of IPTV before there’s a good chance you’ve already used it without even knowing it. Actually, anyone who has watched live TV channels or a Video on Demand through their digital television service has experienced IPTV in its essential form. Due to its attractive features and future-proof technology, IPTV has reached a point where it is now a very attractive alternative to cable or digital broadcast satellite, so it’s worth examining in more detail.

In simple terms, IPTV refers to a means of distributing both live TV and stored video (on-demand or pay-per-view) to the end user in the same fashion in which internet content is sent, and over the exact same network.

It’s a different way of distributing broadcast-quality content to consumers. Broadcast quality content, in this case, indicates to all the features consumers have come to expect from their digital television service provider, including your beloved channels in HD quality. From the user’s perspective, IPTV provides a similar experience to conventional cable or satellite. Switch on the TV, use the remote to select a channel, and enjoy the program. However, since IPTV uses the Internet Protocol to deliver digital content, service providers have soon realized they can integrate different services across platforms, which brings a convergence of voice, data, and television over the same network, all using the same language, through one provider.

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