Custom IPTV Apk

Custom APK’s for your IPTV service.

We provide custom branding for our apks for your IPTV Service. Included in the customization is the following:

  • Your logo properly sized to the required sizes for apps. hdpi,mdpi,xhdpi,xxhdpi,xxxhdpi and web_hi_res.
  • Your logo and contact information combined into 5 different .png transparent images for the branding of your apk.
  • Your contact information inserted into the proper variables for displaying in the apk.
  • Your screen color/background of your choice.
  • Your apk will be packaged to your IPTV service.

Our normal customization time frame has been 24 hours from payment and confirmation of your information for the apk.

All this for $99.00.

If you are interested in a custom apk? Give us a shout.

Here is our generic (no branding) apk.


If you are looking for a complete website package, click here.