The screen is what by what?

I am sure some of you already know that the term “resolution” isn’t correct when it’s used to refer to the number of pixels on a screen. That says nothing about how densely the pixels are clustered. “Resolution” is technically the number of pixels per unit of area, rather than the total number of pixels. […]

10 Questions that potential clients s...

Clients considering deploying digital signage should have a list of questions they plan to ask prospective vendors. Following is a list developed by NVTS staff that will help clients be prepared for information they will need to provide in order to make their digital signage installation a success. 1. What is your ultimate goal for […]

Digital Menu Boards

  Increase customer sales at the POS With our Digital Menu Boards you can increase your sales and improve your customer experience through dynamic digital food menu boards. Digital Menu boards have been proven to increase average order value at the point of sale. You can raise the average order value, up- and cross-sell. Remotely […]